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Richmond, Indiana


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Do I need a police report to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office?

You should file a complaint with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the potential crime.  Law enforcement officers are trained to gather information and evidence from multiple sources.  Once the investigation is completed, the officer will forward the report to our office. An attorney will review the report and determine if sufficient evidence exists to file a criminal charge.

What if I do not know the person’s address?

The Prosecutor’s Office may file criminal charges even if the victim does not know where the suspect lives.  You may also use the suspect’s work address or an address of a suspect’s family member.  The more information you provide, the quicker the suspect can be located if charges are filed.

If I request to file criminal charges does that mean someone will be charged with a crime?

Not necessarily.  The filing of a statement (complaint) with a law enforcement agency is only the first step in the process.   The law enforcement agency investigating the case may determine that insufficient evidence exists to send the case to the Prosecutor’s Office.  If the officer sends a report to the Prosecutor’s Office, an attorney will review the facts and determine whether evidence exists to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.  If we cannot prove the allegation in court beyond a reasonable doubt, the case will not be filed. If there is sufficient evidence to prove the allegation beyond a reasonable doubt a criminal charge(s) will be filed.  Ultimately, a judge or jury determines whether someone is guilty of a crime.