Wayne County Prosecutor's Office

Richmond, Indiana


(765) 973-9394

  • The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office has an Infraction Deferral Program for eligible drivers who are charged with certain infractions/traffic tickets.  The program allows drivers to have an infraction ticket dismissed if certain conditions are met.  The program is authorized by Indiana law at I.C. 35-28-5-1. Speeding tickets (1 to 24 miles per hour over the [...]

  • Chad Dalbey, 37, of Richmond, Indiana was convicted following a jury trial last Thursday of Performing Sexual Conduct in the Presence of a Minor, a Class D Felony.  The charge stemmed from a February, 2011 incident where Dalbey exposed and fondled his penis in front of a 12-year-old girl.  Dalbey’s sentencing has been scheduled for [...]

  • How can a lawyer represent a person accused of a terrible crime? Standard 4- 1.2 The Function of Defense Counsel (a) Counsel for the accused is an essential component of the administration of criminal justice. A court properly constituted to hear a criminal case must be viewed as a tripartite entity consisting of the judge [...]

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