Wayne County Prosecutor's Office

Richmond, Indiana


(765) 973-9394

Explanation of Prosecutor’s Office

The Office of the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney is charged with the responsibility of representing the state of Indiana in all felony and misdemeanor criminal prosecutions, resulting from crimes committed within Wayne County, Indiana. The Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney also convenes and supervises grand jury proceedings, enforces child support orders entered in divorce and paternity cases, prosecutes traffic and other infraction violations, conducts juvenile adjudications and prosecutions, and provides information and assistance to the victims of crime. 

The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer of Wayne County, utilizing local law enforcement agencies including the Richmond Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State Police, Hagerstown Police Department, Centerville Police Department, Cambridge City Police Department, as well as town marshals and deputies in Fountain City, Milton, and Greens Fork.

The Prosecuting Attorney and Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys are law enforcement officers under Indiana law.

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Criminal Division

Prosecutes felony and misdemeanor cases in four Wayne County Courts. Includes all criminal offenses, ranging from public intoxication to capital murder.

Child Support Division

Responsible for the enforcement of child support orders in divorce and paternity cases. In appropriate cases, DNA tests are performed and paternity actions are filed. Contact: Staci Lane, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney at (765) 973-9285.

Victim Assistance Program

The Victim Assistance Program serves as an advocate for victims, keeping them informed on the progress of their case through the criminal justice system, assisting in the application for crime victim compensation, and acting as a liaison with other social service agencies. Contact: Melissa Dunnington, Victim Assistance Coordinator at (765) 973-9394.

Check Deception

Local merchants and private individuals in receipt of checks, returned for insufficient funds or on a closed account, are provided direction and assistance for collection. In the event payment is not received after notice, the case may be referred to a deputy prosecuting attorney for the filing of criminal charges. Contact: Cheray Krick at (765) 973-9394.


Indiana law generally requires that crimes committed by those under the age of eighteen (18) years be treated differently. A delinquency petition (similar to a criminal charging information for adults) may be filed if a child under eighteen (18) years of age commits a crime or is considered a truant, runaway, or incorrigible. All Delinquency Petitions are filed in Wayne Superior Court III and are supervised by A.J. Bryson, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. Contact:  A.J Bryson at (765) 973-9394

Adult Protective Services

The most vulnerable in our society deserve special protections. When an adult is incapable of managing their own affairs or providing self-care, and threatened with exploitation or neglect they are considered an “endangered adult.” Adult Protective Services is a specialized unit of investigators from around the state whose duty it is to protect endangered adults from abuse. APS investigations may result in criminal charges being filed. Contact: Pat Masters, Investigator at (765) 973-9256.

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Pre-Trial Diversion Program

Pre-Trial Diversion is a program offered by the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney. It is designed for first-time offenders who commit misdemeanor crimes. A first-time offender is required to pay a program fee in addition to any restitution owed to the victim of the crime. The offender will be required to complete community service. If alcohol or drugs contributed to the crime, counseling or education will be required. If the offender pays all ordered fees and/or restitution and completes all requirements of the program, the case may be dismissed after six (6) months. If you do not complete requirements of the program, your case will be re-docketed and you will have to go back to court to face the criminal charge.